IT Support

In order to ensure constant effectiveness and offer services of the highest standards, Attiki Kinisi Logistics relies for its operation on contemporary IT Solutions.

Computer Room

The company’s computer room is located in a purpose made space equipped with all the necessary safety and security systems (CCTV, Fire protection, air-conditioning). The server room includes two large floor racks, with the necessary Dedicated DELL Servers, and the Cisco Switches.

All IT systems are monitored on a 24/7 basis whereas all software is covered by the reliable Acronis Backup system.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Attiki Kinisi Logistics uses the Entersoft ERP system. This particular ERP allows the integration of internal and external information regarding the management of the sum of the company’s operation (financial details, payroll, sales, customer relations, etc.). Through this particular ERP most of the required activities are done automatically, assisting information flow internally and allowing for potential link with any interested (external) party (customers, outworker, subcontractors, etc).

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

In order to monitor and manage stock we have created a Warehouse Management System, that allows for full support of the Warehouse operations.

This WMS allows for the creation and scanning of Bar Codes, RF functions, serial number monitoring, imei number, asset number, LOT number as well as on line stock monitoring.

Document Management System (DMS)

In order to monitor document flow (hard copy and electronic) regarding any project more efficiently, we utilise M-Files, a Document Management System. This system allows (among other things) the upload of hard copy documents making it easier to track them and restore them.

In this way we achieve a substantial reduction on paperwork load, which helps us organise information flow and thus have easier access to information.


Attiki Kinisi Logistics S.A utilises a specialised Customs management system that is fully compliant to EU rules and regulations. This particular system may be configured in order to support the required standards of any other EU country.

The monitoring of bonded warehouses and tax free warehouses, takes place through this particular management system.