Attiki Kinisi logistics A.E offers its customers vertical 3pl services that will help them meet their needs. They develop throughout the supply chain from international transport (sea / road / air freight), customs clearance, warehousing and management of goods, order preparation, nationwide distribution, repackaging and preparation of promotional packaging and reverse logistics where required.

Customs Brokers

Through our years of experience, we have gained an understanding of the specialised needs of different customers, from several market sectors such as alcoholic drinks and spirits, tobacco, foodstuff, coffee, toys, consumer goods etc. Thus we are always in a position to offer this experience to all the customers that have trusted us.
More specifically, because of the special customs requirements of products such as tobacco, coffee and alcoholic drinks and our experience, and our experience, we have the ability of better understanding and immediate problem solving, avoiding unnecessary delays and costs for the customer.

Warehousing – Stock Handling

Attiki Kinisi undertakes the short term or long term storage of its customers goods, always taking into account the special requirements of each project (type of good, packaging, storage directions, etc). Based on these information we create the optimal storage model and configure the product on our WMS. Our IT infrastructure offers the ability of real time stock monitoring. Within our warehouses, we monitor temperature and humidity conditions as this is required by our Quality Standards Procedure. Goods handling and management takes place with the support of our Warehouse Management System (WMS) which ensures efficiency and accuracy, and also allows us to monitor stock in relation to storage space and exact position, for every individual customer. We have the ability to handle several different selling units, such as per item, per box / crate, per bottle, kilo, pallet, etc. Moreover, we may cross-check expiration dates, batches, serial numbers, IMEI numbers, while stock monitoring may be done according to FIFO, FEFO, LIFO. Additionally we proceed with random stock controls on a daily basis, following the preparation and picking of orders.

International Transport

Attiki Kinisi Logistics, maintains a wide international network of partners, serving the hauling needs of our customers, efficiently and consistently. Through our international transport department we constantly monitor the set KPI’s. We have the ability to offer solutions for road, air and sea transport, for full loads or groupage. We guarantee for the safe transport of the products in the optimal delivery time ensuring customer satisfaction.

Dispatch / Crossdocking

A great number of companies which usually have seasonal sales, chose flexible forms of dispatch, that are more cost effective such as cross-docking. ATLOG undertakes the collection of prepared orders from a customer’s facility adding them to our dispatch network for delivery throughout Greece. Moreover we offer the service of freight collect.



ATLOG offers to its customers a range of value added services such as goods repackaging:

  • Labelling / stickering
  • Wrapping
  • Assembly of item / stand filling / blister packaging
  • Marketing material

Consulting Services (4PL Logistics)

Our years of experience in logistics and customs, as well as in supply chain management has helped us to gather specialised knowledge. We offer to consult (free of charge) any of our customers in any of these fields, in order to assist them in achieving their goals.